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About our lumber:

           Most of what we saw is hemlock.  We also saw white pine.  It is cut from local forests in accordance with best managment practices 

           Our white pine lumber is mostly one inch thickness.









 We saw and have in stock most 2" dimensions of hemlock.  We also have 5/4 by 6" fence boards.  We Saw and have in stock 4x4, 6x6,8x8 beams.











     We can and will saw  any special dimension.  Our dimensions are true that is 2" thick means 2" thick , not one and three quarter inches.














            We have a good inventory of hemlock logs from 8 to 24 feet in length and can saw anyh of those lengths.  We do somtimes saw oak, cedar and basswood depending on availability of logs.

Mikey's Mill, end of south Munger Street, Middlebury Vt.

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